About Us

Digital Nomad Treksters

We are Treksters. Digital nomads on a mission. Our number one objective over the years has been to achieve the digital nomad lifestyle with freedom of time and location. This idea has been our true north and we have dedicated our professional life up until this point to achieve this goal. Now we want to share with you how you can become a digital nomad too.

After reaching what we thought to be the pinnacle of success at our day jobs we were deeply disappointed. Was this the finish line? Was this really it? Have we arrived? We couldn’t have felt further from success. With mounting bills from our newly acquired upper middle class lifestyle, lack of satisfaction with what we were doing day to day and feeling as if there has to be more, what was supposed to be a high point in life quickly became one of the deepest lows. It was at this point we decided to take our life back. Freedom of time and location became an obsession. We looked into every possible avenue to create passive income. We ended up stumbling into e-commerce & digital marketing and the rest is history.

Now our mission in life is to empower others by showing fellow rat racing would be entrepreneurs that there really is another way. The internet has brought the greatest leveling of the playing field the world has ever seen. Now all you need is a laptop and wi-fi connection and you can work from anywhere in the world as a digital nomad. We will show you what worked for us and what we think are the most efficient paths out of the rat race taking up the least amount of time and resources.