Why You HAVE To Become A Digital Nomad

Being a digital nomad is about MUCH more than just being able to travel or chilling out on a far away beach with an umbrella in your Mai Tai with your feet up (although that sounds awesome as I am writing this from a coffee shop). Having freedom of time and location can give you more time with your family, more time and energy to focus on your passion and the overwhelmingly empowering feeling of not having to answer to a boss. Not to mention not having to sit in traffic with the other rat racers in peak traffic time.

In order to make passive income online you MUST add value. Finding your way to add value, whether that be through having a product made, creating content or selling someone else’s program, can give you a MUCH greater sense of fulfillment than being a cog in the corporate world ever could.

You owe it to yourself, your family and society to figure out where you can add the most value. Society will reward you through more views, more likes and/or more sales. In turn, finding where you add the most value will give you freedom.

For example, if your passion is to draw anime characters, it would be selfish for you not to share your amazing work with people who are interested in the same thing. You can sell your art on Etsy, make coffee mugs with your characters on them to sell on Amazon, make t-shirts on Teespring, sell your services on Fiver to businesses looking for anime style logos or people looking to make themselves into an anime caricature, make a website where people can by prints, etc.. You see where I am going here. All of the people you touch through these different mediums will be a little better off having interacted with your work.

At BeginTrek we are dedicating ourselves to helping others exit the rat race and become digital nomads because we truly believe that a world where more people are chasing their dreams and not mindlessly working on building someone else’s dream will help make the world a happier more fulfilled place.

We only get one life as far as we know. Make the most out of everyday and take action!

We would like to leave you with this video by Tamer Shaaban.